Community Partner Events

James' Birthday Fundraiser

Our family is really looking forward to being a part of giving back to Cook Children's and their Child Life Team! Our family has been blessed over the past two years by so many people, both at the medical center and in our community. James wants to help the children at the medical center to continue to have a great experience. He said that he's been given so many things while at the hospital to keep entertained and he wants other kids to have a good time too. James understands what it's like to be sick and going through treatment. And how quickly life can change from playing at the park to being in a hospital bed for days and days.

   We have been inspired by James' friends who have given up their birthdays for James! Also, these friends have given up funds from school fundraisers to help James! These are just a few acts of kindness among so many others that have inspired us to ask our community to pay it forward on James' birthday on May 5!

 Being away from home is so difficult, but the wonderful people at Cook Children's have really helped to make it a fun and memorable time! Please consider donating to Cook Children's so that other children and their families can feel as special as we have over the years! 

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