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The Heart of Hunter

Hello! Welcome to our page, The Heart of Hunter. We are the family of Hunter Black. Hunter was our "Heart Warrior". We were blessed to have him with us for 6 years. He passed away November 25, 2015. We have started our foundation in efforts to raise awareness of Congenital Heart Defects (CHD). It is estimated that CHD affects 1 in 100 births! Little is know about CHD and we hope to help change that. We are raising money to help other families affected by CHD. Money raised will go the heart unit at Cook Children's Hospital in Ft. Worth, TX. This is where Hunter received all of his care. We were always treated so well! They are very good at taking care of the whole family! We want to be able to give back and would appreciate your help in doing so! There are little known aspects of having a child in the hospital that go unnoticed. Having a child in the hospital affects the whole family. There are expenses to be met that there is often no funding for such as meals while at the hospital,gas to and from the hospital, and other needs for the patient for example. The monies raised here will help fund these type expenses.

As we go, we will share the story of our journey and will post information and tips about CHD.

We thank you all for help and support!

 Jay, Cindi, Sierra and Ty Black




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