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Landon's Legacy

We are coming up on 6 years since our sweet Landon Jaymes went to be with the Lord only a day after being diagnosed with Hepatoblatoma. At just 19 months old he filled our lives with so much joy and laughter. And though he is no longer with us he continues to teach us, inspire us, and even touch the lives of those he has never met. God is using this little boy in ways that we couldn't even imagine. God's plan for Landon was so much bigger than ours. My prayer is that God will continue to use Landon to glorify His name.

It was only a couple weeks after his passing that one of our friends found The Blast and signed us up for it. Walking this walk in honor of Landon played a huge part in our healing process and we continue to walk every year; remembering Landon, honoring Christ, and raising money and awareness for other families affected by pediatric cancer.

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