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       Hello thank you for taking the time to check out Kylie's Sparkles below is a little bit about our Warrior Kylie!

She was diagnosed on April 28th of 2017 at the young age of 2. Kylie spent more time at the hospital than she got to spend at home they became our new family. She went through multiple treatments such as multiple rounds of Chemo, radiation ,2 stem cell transplants , and even a trial drug Lorlatnib. These treatments were very harsh on her little body because of this she had more issues for example her pancreas wasn't working properly so she ended up having to take enzymes every time she ate. She had multiple ng tubes and even a g button but none of this stopped her! She played and played if you didn't know her you would have never guessed she had cancer! Kylie was a year clear we thought we were getting back to a normal life! Until she relapsed and it started metastasizing all over! Again this didn't stop Kylie she wanted to run and play! She loved playdoh unicorns and her favorite colors were pink purple green and sparkles! We lost our sweet angel on September 21st 2019 please join us to keep her legacy alive and help other children fight this horrible disease!

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