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Gracie was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer at the age of 6 weeks old. At the time of diagnosis, Gracie was the youngest NB patient at Cook Children’s. Gracie had numerous MIBG scans, MRIs, an bone aspiration as treatment. At 6 months old she had surgery to remove a metastasized tumor (the size of a golf ball) on her right adrenal gland. Her right adrenal gland was also removed. Since surgery, Gracie is a part of a study at Cook Children’s and is seen yearly for follow up visits. Gracie also has been seeing an endocrinologist for premature adrenarche, and a geneticist for genetic testing. Gracie is now 10 years old and is Neuroblastoma Free. Our family is forever grateful for Dr. Granger and her amazing staff at Cook Children’s.

Please consider donating towards our team goal of $1,500 so that we may help other children and families that are fighting Neuroblastoma. This is the 9th year we have participated in this event, and Gracie and her Globetrotters love what The Blast represents. Our goal is to see every child diagnosed with Neuroblastoma to live a long, healthy life, but we can’t do this without you.


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