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Harper was diagnosed at 4mo old with Neuroblastoma. Thanks to the amazing world class team at Cook Children's, Harper was told she was cancer free in November of 2016. She continues to follow up with her amazing team at Cook Children’s for routine tests outside of scans but we are so thankful every day for her outcome.

With that being said, there are still kiddos who need help battling this disease, and childhood cancer is unbelievably underfunded. Josh and I along with Harper have made a commitment and promise to participate when and however we can to help others in the fight against Neuroblastoma. We thank and appreciate everyone who participates alongside us and the Cook Children's family to help these warriors fight their battle!

Please know that attending The Blast event is totally optional. Donations can still be made without signing up for the event through Team HarperStrong's donations page.

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Thank you to all HarperStrong Supporters!
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EMPKEY Heating & Air Conditioning Service
Ms. Josh Matthews
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Ms. Crystal Moreno
Mr. Charles and Karla Ladesic
Mrs. Shelbee Riese
Teresa Johnson
Mr. Josh Matthews
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Ms. Angelica Mendoza
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Miss Harper Matthews

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