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Psalm 91 is the threshold of Team Ewing 91. This scripture has been read and prayed many times during and after Ewing’s treatment.

This is a landmark year for Ewing! He will be 5 years out of treatment cancer free!!!! He finished his last treatment on March 25, 2013. The race will be one day before his 5 year anniversary. We are so thankful for so many answered prayers and God's protection over Ewing while fighting this deadly pestilence. Ewing has continued to be blessed after his battle with Neuroblastoma with little to no side effects from the treatments. We continue to pray daily that God will keep his shield over Ewing as he grows into the person God has planned for him to be.

Thank you for all of the support for all of the years! It truly is making a difference!

On July 26th 2011, Ewing Devaney was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma, a very rare form of cancer, in which, less than 700 new cases are diagnosed each year. Ewing’s tumor started on his adrenal gland and spread very quickly to his lymph nodes and bone marrow and it covered almost 100% of his body. Our family has chosen to keep our heads up and stay positive and not even give negativity a chance to harbor in our thoughts. The great team of stem cell doctors and nurses at Cook Children’s in Fort Worth have kept us positive throughout Ewing’s treatment. Dr. Granger, Ewing’s Neuroblastoma doctor’s dedication and Christian values are what have led our son to be CANCER FREE today!

Although a rare childhood disease, we have witnessed a significant amount of children diagnosed in the greater Fort Worth area (2 in Cleburne diagnosed months apart, one being Ewing). Neuroblastoma is a disease that needs research and funding to help doctors understand this disease. The disease is very hard to diagnose, and often stage 4 at diagnoses. We spent approximately 6 months trying to figure out what was causing Ewing pain especially in his legs, which eventually became so severe he had difficulty walking. Ewing had changed from a boy who loved to run, to a boy sitting down at recess and dreading P.E. During a family vacation in Florida Ewing visited the small local hospital, the pediatrician on-call discovered a tumor on Ewing’s adrenal gland. Within in a few days Cook Children’s Hospital sent Teddy Bear Air to pick him up and bring him back to Fort Worth. This was the moment our lives changed in a second, the moment you realize it can happen to you, and the moment you learn to be tough for your child, for your children, for your family and for yourself. Cook Children’s soon became our second home for the next 2 years. In our opinion, if you have a hospital as a second home, this is the best to have!
Ewing has completed treatment for Neuroblastoma. Since July 2011 he has endured 6 months of chemo, MIBG treatment (liquid radiation treatment) in San Francisco, stem-cell transplant (bone marrow), proton therapy radiation at MD Anderson, and HU 14.18 antibodies therapy. He was confirmed cancer free October 2012 (2nd round out of 10 antibodies treatment). Ewing’s final round of HU14.18 antibodies treatment was in March 2013. Neuroblastoma survivor’s biggest threat is relapse. Antibodies therapy has proven through research to increase survival rates by 20% for children with Neuroblastoma. Antibodies treatment is a very difficult and painful therapy which complications are fairly common while taking, but an imperative treatment to this awful disease.
Upon completing all treatments and being cancer free Ewing returned to school. What we expected to be a challenge, since he was out of school for 2 years, Ewing has adapted well and catching up nicely in school….and loves P.E. again! As a family, our perspective has changed on life since Ewing’s fight with Neuroblastoma. I don’t know why it happened to Ewing, and I wish it wasn’t at Ewing’s expense, but I appreciate the changes it led us to make in our family. We appreciate all of life and every moment we have together with Ewing, Vivien (Ewing’s twin sister), and Gracie (Ewing’s oldest sister). You learn to soak up every moment- every running through the house, every football being thrown, every laugh, every cry, every baseball game, every new friend, the excitement from little things children love. We learned to slow down and live and love the precious gift of life!
We have been very blessed all through this journey of cancer. God has led us all to the right places and people. The support Ewing received from extended family, friends and community was so comforting to him through this experience.. We realized when Ewing was diagnosed we asked God to fight this deadly pestilence-disease. We prayed continually for the doctors and nurses to make the right decisions, and correct medicines for Ewing’s healing. God has answered. We pray he continues to hear our prayers. Ewing still remains on routine disease evaluations to check that he remains cancer free. With continued advances and awareness for this dreadful childhood cancer, a cure will be found, so ALL of the children fighting Neuroblastoma will be cancer free!

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