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Team Fighter Jett

Fighter Jett

On August 1st, Jett started showing signs of inconsistent limping. As each week in August went on, he went from some limping to always limping, crawling and last, not being able to move his legs at all. My wife felt that something was wrong and so we took him in to Care Now first. All X-rays were fine and we were sent home. One week later he declined even more and we decided to take him to Cooks where all tests, labs, and x-rays came back fine. We were told he was an extremely healthy 3 year old. We were discharged the next day with the diagnosis of Transient Synovitis and that it would run it's course in total of 2 weeks the most. This whole time waiting at home for better results never came. Nicole had an unsettling feeling in her stomach that it was more and feared possible cancer. Almost every night for a week she came to me crying and stating, "What if it's cancer and we're not doing anything about as we wait out 2 weeks?" One weekend while I was in Jacksboro, Tx on the ranch, I got a phone call from my wife. She was in full panic and crying on the phone telling me that she and mom were taking Jett to the ER. Before I was even able to get back into town, I got 'THE' phone call. As well as she could, I had to listen to my wife tell me that our 3 year old son had tumors on and in his spine. An Emergency surgery was done to retract the tumor in his spine that had him paralyzed from the waist down. When we walked into the ICU after surgery around 2 or 3 am that morning, he was on hands and knees, swinging punches and yelling at the nurses. HE WAS USING HIS LEGS AGAIN. It's been a long road from there and he still has a few months of treatments left ahead of us but because of all of your prayers and God's love, he is doing amazing. Thank you for walking this road with us and donating. There just isn't enough funds for pediatric cancer to help our kids get the proper research and meds that their little bodies need. God Bless you all.

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